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QuickPlan is an easy to use mobile app that helps you forecast your finances for the long term. Quickplan is available for tablet devices and is downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Our mission is to create technology and resources that assist people of all ages in planning for a better financial future, including a retirement that offers the lifestyle they expect.

Why We Built QuickPlan App

With state-funded benefits and employer provided pensions increasingly under threat, the need to take control of one’s own future by constructing a sound retirement plan has never been greater. Not surprisingly, the current socioeconomic climate has people of all ages feeling increasingly anxious as they look ahead to retirement. The QuickPlan app demystifies the retirement planning process in a non-threatening way and allows those who do not have a plan to take the first steps towards taking control of their own future. For those who have a retirement plan in place, QuickPlan is a simple way to do regular status checks to ensure they are on track to retire with the lifestyle they expect.

How QuickPlan is Different from Other Apps

QuickPlan is the first mobile app that allows you a simple way to compare the growth of investments in your own retirement plan against alternative scenarios, such as projected returns in stock indices or treasury bonds. As the income you can expect during your retirement years will largely determine whether you retire comfortably, monitoring whether your current investment plan is adequate to achieve your retirement goals and being able to instantly compare alternative investment approaches is essential when building a retirement plan.


Sample screenshots of the the QuickPlan app:

Personal Information / USA

Personal Information / Canada

Retirement Details

Retirement Funding / USA

Retirement Funding / Canada

Results / Quick View

Market Comparisons / S&P 500 (USA)

Market Comparisons / Treasury Bonds (Canada)

Contact QuickPlan

For further information about QuickPlan, contact info@quickplanapp.com

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