Secure and Private

Your data is stored on your device and is never transmitted or shared. QuickPlan does not collect or share any personal information.

Quick and Simple

With an easy to use interface, built-in help and straightforward analysis you can quickly determine your long term financial status.

U.S.A. and Canada

QuickPlan is localized for users in North America. Tax codes, life expectancy and investment types are all determined by your residency.

Market Comparisons

Compare the progress of your own financial plan to alternative investment scenarios (e.g. invest in the S&P 500, TSX, Dow 30 & more)

Get QuickPlan from the App Store or Google Play.

QuickPlan provides users with an easy to use tool to plan and forecast their finances for the long term.

QuickPlan is available for people with tablet devices and is downloadable from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Financial Goals

Most people are not financially ready for retirement. It's not that they have not worked hard in their lives, it usually is a result of insufficient planning and not accounting for inflation.

QuickPlan is an easy to use application for your tablet that lets you define your retirement goals, input your current investments and savings and project whether you will retire when and how you expect.

Financial Analysis

After inputting your current goals and funding, QuickPlan instantly performs an analysis of your investment, savings and pension growth, your retirement needs and determines your funding shortfall or surplus.

QuickPlan goes beyond basic numbers and charts and provides you with an easy to understand narrative and forecast of your financial future.

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